Tuesday, 3 April 2012

(White Noise)

Normalcy Achieved.
Business as Usual.

Case 3158E; Report Begins
Subject: male Irregular, estimated age 20-23, african descent, shaved head, estimated height 186 cm, estimated weight 45 kg, henceforth referred to as 3158E-A.
Status: Compromised, deceased.
Tracking proceeded apace; aided by Local Elements, subject was driven into an alley. Reaction time proved surprisingly quick, 3158E-A was more than Capable of evading those elements on the ground, but had either poor knowledge of local geography or poor Foresight. Alley could have easily been a trap: closed spaced, few exits.
Observation began, subject was unaware, believing himself momentarily safe while taking cover alongside a dumpster. Observation interrupted by a Third Party contacting 3158E-A, henceforth referred to as 3158E-B. "Joseph" assisting, communication was intercepted, transcript follows:
3158E-A: "-do you mean? You can help me HOW?"

3158E-B: "You're being followed, mate. Might want to do a better job of covering your tracks."

3158E-A: "Of course I'm being followed! We're all being followed, always! Who are you?"

3158E-B: "Oh that isn't important right now. What is important is the man perched on the fire escape above you. He's been taking pictures of you this whole time, you know?"

3158E-A: "What?"

[3158E-A directed attention towards my location at this point.]

3158E-B: "I'd suggest you get moving. It's not going to be very fun to stick around here in a few moments."

[3158E-A was Disposed of as a result of 3158E-B's Interference. Single shot fired, fatal. Subject was hit in left eye, caught off-guard. Arrow later retrieved.]

3158E-B: "Aww, that's too bad! You got him, Camera Man. What a wonderful little pet you make!"

[Call ended; transcript ends]
Observation: Analysis of recording confirms that Third Party does not match Goldstein, Subject: "Moriarty" (attempts to assign official case number Refused by Superior). 3158E-B remains unidentified as of current date.
Proceeded to collect arrow from the body and moved to dispose of it. At this point, continued Interference from 3158E-B noted. 3158E-A's phone began to receive further communication. Attempting to salvage the current situation may have proven fruitful, and the phone was retrieved. A message was awaiting.
'Ker-click <3'
At this point, Interference continued, estimate upwards of a dozen (12) heavily armed individuals, clothed in tactical equipment (estimate police/military grade, no identifying marks noted) surrounded my position.

Fortunately, at least one of them was within reach. Moved to take cover behind him, target dispatched: single lateral cut across the throat, likely one or both vessels in the throat severed.
Took cover on opposite side of the dumpster. Was pursued by three others. Proceeded to charge them, targets were knocked off balance and their bodies used as cover. One more dispatch recorded: single stab wound through the throat, likely severing enough blood vessels to be fatal. Extracted self from situation and departed area by means of Path. Returned to Cafe.
Summary: Case 3158E, Failure. Subject disposed of due to Outside Interference. Recovered phone, unlikely any useful information remains, examination thus far has proven Unproductive. As of current date, phone has been disassembled.

Inference: Resources beyond those of typical Irregulars. Actions suggest no formal backing, little value for human life. 
Report Ends


  1. You guy seem to be dealing with a lot of attention as of late.

    1. There will be much more now that word has gotten out Joseph has been healing Nightscream.