Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Fuck You, I'm Out

I got my new fucking orders today, straight from the upper ups. I'm to be removed from Baker Squad and placed with... some other random fuckhole, it hardly matters, does it?

I told them all when I signed up for this bullshit, the only reason I was ever here was because of the Boss. He's the one that recruited me, after all. I tried to knife him in an alley, and he laughed and told me he could use someone like me on his squad. Told me about the tall fucker, asked me to come work for him. That night was the first and only time I ever saw the thing, and so I went along.

One of three men I've ever respected. One's dead, one's been taken from me now, and the third... well, he probably doesn't like me very much anymore. Funny. I almost had a life here. Guess that can't be allowed to fucking happen.

For the record, the Boss doesn't know that I'm doing this. At least not until I put this post up. He's got enough shit on his plate, I'm not gonna stick him with my bullshit too.

Boss, do yourself a favor and... I dunno, go find yourself someone to kill. It's theraputic, and you could use something to calm the fuck down. I wish I'd been a better part of your team. Maybe then I could've stayed.

As it stands, as soon as this post goes up, I'm a defector, bitches. Making my own way in the world again.
Fuck you all.

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  1. Got to pursue your passions.

    Good luck.
    Don't die. If you do, make it beautiful.