Sunday, 4 March 2012

(Crickets Chirping)

Previous posts indicate that other members of Baker Squad consider previous mission a Failure. Failure would likely involve a cessation of functioning. We are all, however, still alive. In this regard, perception of "Failure" is not entirely correct.
Fiametta and Nat are both currently out of action for various reasons, chief of which seems to be incoherent rage. I do not speak italian, but believe "Affanculo" is a slur or epithet of some sort, judging by the tone and continual scowling Fiametta has been exhibiting.
I digress. Now is neither the time nor the place for tangents. Report needs to be written.

Report Begins

Subject: "Joseph"
Title: Sherlock
Current Status: Missing In Action
Subject last in company of Janitor. According to Janitor, subject was present within the Cafe Loop when he departed. Suggests either any extraction of "Joseph" was of his own volition (unlikely, given evidence to the contrary, but possible), an opportunistic move on the part of an antagonistic party or a carefully planned operation by the aforementioned party. Other possibilities present themselves, but become to complex or outlandish to entertain.
In either of the more likely cases, the presence or absence of Janitor would have been irrelevant. Possible that absence from the Cafe Loop is responsible for Janitor's continued well-being in this matter.
Analysis of the situation: Extraction took place without struggle or violence. No windows  broken, no evidence of gunfire, no blood. Initially, evidence suggests that Subject willingly removed himself from the Cafe without informing superiors or the rest of Baker Squad. Uncharacteristic of Subject.
Results of further investigation:
Stained coffee mug and papers discovered on counter. Subject exhibits compulsive need to possess a tidy workspace. Has never permitted sections of the Cafe Loop to go untidy for any significant length of time.
Evidence of spilled coffee below countertop on shelf. Initially dismissed as coincidental, but coffee mug was upright. No sign of spilled coffee elsewhere, no dripping. Conclusion: Coffee placed there deliberately.
Examination of Coffee Stain: 
Crude writing, likely made in haste: NOVIOOTOR. Nonsense word. Subject would not have left nonsense message. Further examination suggests some letters blurred together or otherwise rendered indistinct. Disadvantage of chosen medium. Removing excess of Os grants N_VI__T_R. Many bus rides completing crossword puzzles. Attempts to fill blanks lead to the conclusion word is most likely "NAVIGATOR". Method of leaving message suggests Subject left under some form of coercion, with undue haste.
"Navigator" is meaning of Irish surname Ó Muircheartaigh. 
Better known anglicized form: Moriarty.
Report Ends.


  1. ...

    A man's character... has always defined his own fate.

    Seeds that which are sown at birth and nurtured day by day. Deciding the course of our lives.

    Fertilized by our actions.

    Watered by our words.

    They grow and shape in response to our own will. Our own choices...

    Sometimes not in a way we hope they would.

    Your fate hasn't stopped growing yet, "Joseph".

    Keep your ass alive.

    Photographer and the rest: Find him. I don't care how many resources you must exhaust. FIND HIM.

    1. Do not Need to be Informed of Purpose.
      Always Aware of Purpose.

  2. Stay out of the way neighbour.
    I've got no intention of missing this time.
    You were lucky once. Don't count on it a second time.
    That's what gets people killed.