Monday, 19 March 2012

Fuck Off, the Boss is Back

Yeah, that's right, we finally got him the fuck back. Should've happened ages ago if you fucking ask me. But the fucking highers wouldn't approve a proper damn rescue or something. Might've had something to do with the fact that I threatened to gut them, come to think of it...
Not that it matters. We got a tip, followed it, found one very beat up bossman. He looks like fucking hell and doesn't really want to talk about it. Not that I fucking blame him.

I do not fucking like this. It was fucking obvious as hell that that fucking Moriarty fuck wanted us to find him, probably had the tip sent in too. The things I want to do to that fuck...
They'll make what I did to Omega sound tame.


Edit: The Boss says I have to post this. We found a tape recorder with him... Photo wrote up the transcript. I made him rewrite it to not sound like a fucking robot.


There is nothing but what sounds to be an occasional drop of water. Within a few seconds, it is made evident by the faint thrum that it is raining; it seems to be rolling down a metal roof. Points to the location being some sort of warehouse. There's what sounds to be a snort, followed by heavy but unlaboured breathing. Someone unconscious.

"Wake up." A small, fleshy tapping noise. "Wake up, Jefferson, wake up."

It is here that the man, thought to be "Jefferson", seems to be roused to awareness. There's a clatter that seems to be from something wooden; perhaps a chair that he was seated in?

Jefferson(?): "Hnnnnn?"

The firm, deep voice which responds is heavy and slightly cold. There sounds to be a certain amount of disdain in the tone.

????: "Ah, you're awake! Good! Do you know who I am?"

There's another shuffle; this "Jefferson" doesn't seem to try to escape, just shifts to make himself more comfortable.

Jefferson: *sighing* "Yes. Yes, I do. They've taken to calling you "Moriarty", right?"

????: "I prefer 'Daniel Goldstein', if you will. There's a certain hostility that comes with that silly little title, don't you? Let's talk on even terms, shall we? You'll be Jefferson, and not that other silly thing they call you, and I'll be Daniel."

Jefferson: "Fair enough. Believe me, I appreciate your civility. Hard to find these days, eh?"

*chuckles, which then turns into a slight cough. A splatter follows soon after*

[Judging from his voice, "Jefferson" seems to be in his early forties.]

"Moriarty": "Yes, quite. Especially in these troubling times."

There's a sound like wood scuffing on cement, some sort of creak, and then silence save for the continuing thrum of rain.

Jefferson: *seemingly unperturbed, voice rough and hoarse* "So. With the pleasantries out of the way, how about we get down to what exactly you want from an old dog like me?"

"Moriarty": "Nothing but your cooperation and loyalty, Jefferson. You have before you the chance to turn away from the service of a monster and commit yourself to a greater, higher purpose. I can offer you protection and a life to reclaim what you have lost..."

At this point, "Jefferson" seems to stop and think. There's approximately a minute and twenty seconds of silence, aside from the occasional drip.

Jefferson: "... do you know what my duty is right now, Daniel? What I was before all this?"

"Moriarty": "I do."

[Further information: Jefferson, rank of Handler, formal title of Mentor, had been a high school guidance councilor previous to his service. The Organization first recruited his daughter, 15, who was terminated after incident 471B. He enlisted in the service voluntarily, in order to secure the safety of his charges. While on active duty, Jefferson was tasked with recruit education and psychotherapy. How “Moriarty” would be privy to this information is unknown.]

Jefferson: "... Then you know my restraints and parameters."

"Moriarty": "I do."

Goldstein is matter-of-fact and practical, business-like verging on coldness.

Jefferson: *voice raising to anger* "Then how could you possibly ask me that? How could you ask me to save my own ass when I have people out there to protect?!? Not just from my past life, but all those kids that are alone and afraid; nobody else is going to do my job!"

"Moriarty": "Because you have a choice here, Jefferson. Your service to that monster was not your only option, it was simply the only one which you perceived at the time of your indoctrination. I can see a great deal more choices before you, especially now. I am offering you one."

A slight period of silence.

"Moriarty": "The choice is yours, Jefferson, do not mistake it."

Jefferson: *seems to have moved from anger to broken pleas* "How about those kids? Who's giving them a choice?"

"Moriarty": "...Don't you see that by aiding that monster you only pave the way for It's taking more children? Killing more children?! What you do is a prolonging of atrocity! Your service to that thing is only bringing harm to more others than the ones you've helped."

Jefferson: *audible pause, with a choked back sob. He seems to try to compose himself.* "I know. God, I know. But I can't, let me burn in hell, but I know those kids by name, by face. I can't just betray them like this. Forgive me..."

"Moriarty": *strained, seemingly concerned.* "You have a choice here Jefferson! I can offer protection to you and those children!"

Jefferson: "... No. Not as much as you think you can. Thank you, Daniel, I get what you're trying to do, but they all live this way. Everyone aside from me, anyways..."

"Moriarty": "No. You greatly underestimate me, my dear Jefferson. I'm disappointed in you. Even presented with an opposing choice, you serve a monster. It's said that the most hope can be found in darkness... but clearly that is not the case. You refuse to see the light even in your situation of darkness."

"Moriarty": *sighs* "I had thought you were more than your kind. I was wrong."

Jefferson: "I always told my daughter that life tended to be disappointment after disappointment if you tried to do everything right. Nobody's perfect."

"Moriarty": "We're not aiming for perfect. We're aiming for correction. So you decline my offer, then?"

Jefferson: *absolutely no hesitation, with complete finality* "I'm afraid I'll have to refuse, Daniel, though it is much appreciated."

There's a pause. The thrum of rain is the only sound now. Nearly ten seconds of uncomfortable silence pass before there is another sound like wood scuffing on cement, and then the sound of echoing footsteps.

"Moriarty": "Then you are a mistake, and you, and all others like you, are to be corrected."

Jefferson: *contentedly sighing, almost inaudiable in his confession* "... Thank you. Oh god, thank you...."

There's a sharp bang, presumed to be the sound of a gunshot. In the next ten seconds, the only thing audible on the log are footsteps, growing quieter and quieter until there is a metallic creak, and then a slam, as of a door opening and shutting. The silence continues for four minutes and twenty two seconds to the sound of the humming rain.



  1. Well, this just keeps getting better and better. I must say, I approve of his method of intermixing offer and threat. People such as this "Moriarty" always prove to be endlessly amusing once you get under their skin...

    ...even if it is simply in order to rip it off.

    Give my best to our brother.

  2. Oh my. Joseph lives.
    This is suddenly a great day. Get well soon. Ect.

  3. A taste of things to come then? Join or die? Sounds no different than the original "choice" given to Proxies.

    1. Fallacy: Hobson's Choice is Poorly named.

      Purpose is not so easily Altered.

  4. Why is everyone interested in starting two defined sides, do they want total war.

    1. It's a natural tendency to think in terms of us versus them. And the alternative would just be a free-for-all, not peace.

    2. But the shades of grey are easier to accept, and fewer fights occur than with defined black and white.

  5. I'm sorry, this isn't entirely relevant, but how the hell has nobody mentioned you people to me before?

    As for this transcript...just goes to show that this ceased to be a battle between right vs. wrong a long time ago.

    -Don't Shoot The Messenger-

    1. ... ah, yes. Most likely because we had nothing to do with each other, really. They tend to like to keep us all divided, hm?

      ... and that transcript... Jesus...