Monday, 12 December 2011

Interference From A Beast

You DARE!? You bedraggled impudent disgusting idiotic excuse for a swordsman! You DARE not only to attempt to steal my honorable kill, but to actually STRIKE ME? Not that your attack did anything at all, but it stained my body with your filthy blade! You will suffer before you die, cretin! I will make certain of it!

ARGH. In accordance with orders, I competed with "Tiger", one of those "Knights of the Morning." Led by the shallow, unimaginative replacement for a foolish ingrate, this new Morningstar hadn't even the decency to find his own name, instead looting it from a corpse.

The target was one Jackson Cagle, one whose sanity had far since snapped from the inability to accept the order the Man brings. He fled into the forest, the fool. We Knights of His are all the more strong within them. I stalked towards my target and let out a battle cry, chasing after his fleeing form. When suddenly that animal struck me from the side like a coward, knocking me aside.

For several minutes the two of us ran side by side through the underbrush of the woods. I'll admit that he is quite strong to have kept up with me despite the difficult terrain. Finally I scaled a tree and launched myself off of it, tackling Cagle to the ground. A stab to his shoulder, before that IMBECILE Tiger knocked me off of him, and sliced me in the chest with his sword.

The wound was nothing, but it caught me by surprise. I fell behind. But a true Knight of His will never falter at such paltry distractions! I forced myself to my feet and charged forward. In the end, our swords struck Cagle at the same time. A draw. I was tempted to strike that animal for his insolence, but...With that wound, he would have a headstart. There would be time for another contest later.

And there will be, you understand, you miscreant from the jungle!? Never interfere with me again, or I will show you the power of the Red Knight!


  1. Brother Ronin, your anger seems uncalled for. You were a worthy foe and I greatly enjoyed our competition. I hope that your wound is taken care of?

  2. It has been seen to that Ronin remains in Proper Working Order.

  3. Next time Tiger will kill you for interfering with our operations. You have been warned.

  4. Your words are superfluous and unnecessary to the point you're trying to make. Trying easing up in the future. I hear it does wonders for the heart.