Friday, 9 December 2011

"A little drop of poison"

On these last assignments we were made to compete for our marks. This was a command from our superiors, which was not my place to question.

A note: Competition does not make my usual mode of work the best route. I will adapt as needed.

The mark I was assigned was one Derek Carson (6230E-B), un poliziotto (police officer?). He had been investigating into disappearances in the area and from what I was informed, was getting too close to things and a possible liability in revealing things to his superiors. He was looking into missing-persons cases on the... I believe the phrase is "on the side"?

I contacted him from a pay phone in the general area. I claimed to be a street child who had heard from a friend who had heard from a friend that he was looking for a child thief. I told him that I had information that might help him. I might be able to show him the location of one of the abductions. Things went as planned for a bit.

I disguised myself as what I had claimed to be, marking up my face and dirtying my hair and hands and I wore ragged clothing. I removed my cosmetics and made myself the part. I can look the needed part.

We met at one of those "fast food" burger restaurants that many seem to frequent so often in this country. I got some water, but he showed me a kindness and bought me a meal. The intention was kindness, I know this.

American food is disgusting.

I ate as the role decreed, though, and spoke with him I told him I could show him the location of a possible abduction. I acted small, terrified, and worried. I told him I had seen a man at the location. It was not overly hard to fool him. He was enthusiastic and saw what he wanted to see. He offered to protect me should something happen when I took him there.

I agreed. Signore Carson and I started away from the restaurant on foot, as I had told him that the location was not far. I led him along the road and, having scouted out the area earlier, I began to lead him to an abandoned place to finish the job.

This is where things went away from my plan. Una suora appeared from a side street as I led him down, claiming that she needed assistance. The sister nearly messed up my stride before I recognized her. Signora Recluse.

She attempted to draw Signore Carson away from me. She claimed that a girl she was watching had vanished. She claimed that there had been injuries. I defamed her to him. I called her a liar. He was indecisive. I said something which was needed to make Signora Recluse drop her role. I said words against Him, knowing that it would cause the likes of Signora Recluse to falter.

I was correct. She flew at me and attacked me, making her claims completely obvious as a lie as she shouted at me. She hurt me, though I have been hurt worse. I will have bruises and abrasions, and my right arm was dislocated. I did not drop my role, despite her obvious advantage in that fact. He shot Signora Recluse, causing her to fall and release me.

I scrambled away and let myself cry for him to see. After all, a young woman is allowed to cry when she has been attacked, and that is expected. Especially from a young woman acting as fearful as I had. Signore Carson knelt to assist me and check on me. I told him we were both liars, then had a knife out and slit his throat before he knew what had happened. He barely had time to swear at me as he fell. He bled out very quickly. His was an easier death than some.

He had called in the incident of Signora Recluse attacking me before he looked to me, so it was needful to leave hastily. I made sure that Signora Recluse would be able to depart and then did so, myself. "Joseph" was kind enough to fix my shoulder for me when I returned.

Signore Carson was a kind man. He looked at things too deeply. He wanted to help those he saw as innocent individuals. Some things are better left not pried at.


  1. I will admit our country's cuisine is not exactly...appealing. At least not at the standard eateries. However, if you ever decide to spoil yourself, yoou should try "The Cheesecake Factory". A tad pricey but well worth it ^^.