Tuesday, 7 February 2012

(Dead Air)

Transcript of Conversation with Sherlock at 19:04 local time.
"Report will be required."
"A report of this incid-"
"Photo, we were just nearly bloody well KILLED and you want me to write a bloody REPORT?"
"A repor-"
"Bollocks to that. Write it yourself."
Incident Report follows.

At approximately 17:30, Baker Squad began investigating the communications silence of Knight Squad. Reports indicated Knight Squad involved in some manner of Altercation. Was dispatched to Knight Squad's location in order to ascertain nature of problem, if applicable.

Arrived at 18:27, Sherlock assisting. Signs of forced entry obvious. Door was bullet laden, removed from hinges via application of extreme force. Likely kicked in following initial barrage. Numerous bullet casings, samples acquired at time of entry for later examination. Casings belonged to assault weapons, evidence suggested several intruders, firing automatic weapons. Large boot prints, identical. Suggests uniforms of some sort. Local police unlikely, would have been reported at this point.

Further examination revealed signs of massive struggle. Judging by the surroundings, Incident occurred within 5-7 hours of our arrival. Blood, both pools and castoff patterns, throughout main area. Doubtful that all of the blood belonged to Knight Squad. Signs of multiple bodies being removed.

One body discovered: Second Morningstar. Not displeased by this, by all accounts deceased was Ineffectual at best. Pompous Drunken Imbecile at worst. Multiple gunshot wounds. Far more than Necessary.

Cell phone discovered alongside body. Cell phone began receiving communication shortly afterwards. Transcript follows:

Sherlock: "Hullo?"


?: "...I painted you a picture"

[Momentary Pause]

?: "Do you like it? My favorite color is red, what's yours?"
S: "Moriarty....?"
Goldstein: "No, the Queen of England."
S: "Why?"
G: "Because I'm a member of the Royal Family, "Joseph", why else?!"
S: "Don't FUCK WITH ME!"


G: "Just a little warning. I am your 'friend' Morgan's suicide note, "Joseph" "
G: "Do not underestimate me or what I am willing to do."
S: "Why? Why do this, then?"


G: "I want to know what you think about why I do what I do"
S: "You're a fucking meglomaniac, is what I think!"
G: "And you are unusually lacking in perceptive abilities when you're surrounded by blood. Have fun with the mystery, Holmes"
[End Transcript]

Concealed Irregular opened fire from unknown position. Was dragged to ground by Sherlock, fire continued for approximately two minutes until our assailant needed to reload. Opportunity was seized, and we evacuated via Path.
Cell phone remains in our possession, battery removed.

Evidence suggests a small, heavily armed, organized force. Significant financial investment. 
Correlation between this Incident and Previous Incidents: Highly Likely.
Analysis suggests Irregular alias "Goldstein" responsible for previous Incidents of this type.
Status of Knight Squad: Unknown, presumed Terminated.

Report Ends.
. . . . . -


  1. Fuck my hands are still fucking shaking from that. Tosser came out of bloody nowhere to fire those shots...

    1. Surprisingly good reaction time. You've been shot at before, haven't you?

    2. And he will be shot at again, no doubt. <3

    3. Congratulations, you can add hearts to the end of your posts to be passive aggressive and condescending. Never seen THAT one before. Would you like a medal?

    4. So you'd like to believe, eh? That's if I don't take you down first, you prick.

    5. You'd have to stop getting shot at first. That was much too easy.

    6. Not dead, not shot. Bullets don't matter if they don't hit their target, now do they?

    7. I've got more bullets, neighbour.

  2. ...Goddamn it. That stupid punk really had no idea what he was getting into.

    1. He was a pompous ass, but nobody deserves to go the way he did. Not with more lead than flesh in the end. Bloody hell.

      ... Blood was fucking everywhere.

    2. Forgive me if my sympathy is limited.

    3. Don't have to ask for forgiveness. If I just heard about it, I wouldn't feel bad for him either. That scene... was really just something that had to be seen to be believed. It was that tossing bad.

    4. He got what he preached. Wish he would've wised up, but...not everyone gets that chance. Harsh reality of our situation, my friend.

    5. "Our situation". I like that.

      Thank you.

    6. Second Morningstar was incompetent. Loss is minimal. Cause of death is alarming.

  3. Wow...he didn't last very long. Kinda' hope the rest of the team (Jack the Ripper excluded) is okay. Not that I should be hoping for the well being of my being of my enemies, but, I don't know. I kinda' took a liking to them.

    1. Morgan was a nasty sort of bloke but the rest of his team was... pretty... they were human beings.

      That's all I have to say about that.

  4. You know, catching up on you guys, I'd been having a pretty good laugh up until this point.

    I'm not having much of a laugh anymore.
    Make him pay for it, "Joseph"

  5. I hope you found vengeance.