Saturday, 4 February 2012

(Onomatopoeic Cat Noise)

Pursuant to the aforementioned feline; no ill intentions are held towards the cat. This is a Domestic Feline, not an Irregular. We are not Knight Squad.

Observations follow:
[20:23:17] Cat has been removed from the second floor lavatory.
[20:47:03] The second floor lavatory is now available for use.
[21:16:29] Cat currently resides in the kitchen. Permanence of this arrangement is Questionable.
[05:27:52] Lost track of Cat. Cat refuses to remain Contained within the kitchen.
[05:38:23] Cat located behind bar. Cat re-located to kitchen.
[05:41:44] Investigated: unclear as to what method of egress the Cat is using. All kitchen doors were Secured.
[05:53:38] Lost track of Cat.
[06:35:20] Third Parties seem to have been releasing the Cat from the kitchen. 
[06:47:23] Believe Fiametta or Janitor responsible for release of Cat. 
[06:56:51] Suspicions lack concrete proof. Observed Cat Investigating stairwell.
[07:01:19] Cat has taken up residence near Nat's quarters. 
[07:04:33] Apprehension of Cat deemed Unwise. Cat remains unharmed.
[07:32:58] Lost track of Cat.
[12:03:19] Cat rediscovered within the interior of grand piano. Unknown as to how Cat came to be located inside of the grand piano. Lid was closed upon earlier inspection.
[12:11:26] Believe "Joseph" may be responsible for Cat being lodged inside of grand piano.
[12:32:46] Cat refuses to approach the third floor of the Cafe Loop. Do not blame him
[12:40:11] Observed cat learning to open doors.
[13:09:32] I have named the cat Hamish.

. . . . . -


  1. Replies
    1. And a hassle.


  2. Well, of course, Photo, the fuck were you expecting? Cats never stay where they're supposed to.
    You'd think you and Ronin had never fucking seen one before. I guess you're even more retarded than you look.

  3. I find this post oddly adorable.

  4. Good to see that between cold blooded murder of little kids and twisted "competitions", you have time to blog about a cat.

    A. CAT.

    Does anyone else see a motherfucking problem with this?

    1. Efficient use of time tends to leave excess.

    2. I don't see a problem at all. I say it's nice to have a little breather between all the murder.

      You gotta' enjoy the little things.