Friday, 24 February 2012

eleven shillings and sixpence a day

I'm honestly not paid enough for this. Running the Cafe and leading an investigation, for the record, is bloody well IMPOSSIBLE when you're still expected to make quota, which should come as a surprise to no one, except, apparently, the Highers, who felt it necessitous to inform me that yes, I have not sent my Squad into the hell that apparently is the world that we live in lately, and yes, I have not met quota for three months running. Despite my impassioned plea (which may or may not have involved a great deal of cussing  and threats involving the multitude of things one can do with a cricket bat), it would seem that unfortunately, Baker Squad, we are still expected to hunt.

Absolutely absurd. Truly, the pinnacle of productive Organizations. 

That being said, we recently got a lead; a location to a time and a place. It would be very stupid of me to outright state who I sent my entire squad after, especially with Stories of all types floating around and about. And although the units of quota placed on their collective heads is enough to mean no more hunts for almost a year,  I've been instructed that even an attempt at disposal will be enough to stave off the Highers for another month.

... Yossarian was moved very deeply by the absolute simplicity of this clause of Catch-22 and let out a respectful whistle...

And for those of you who have the intellect greater than a brain damaged goldfish; it's nothing personal.We all have to survive out there and I'm sure the group I sent my Squad after appreciates that. Their Boss is absent, and I'm rather good at utilizing the power of timing. 

Really. It's just business. That I can assure you.

Speaking of business, I found myself yet again making coffee for a guest; although I keep myself constantly loaded with caffeine, it's rather rare that I have someone pop in these days. As it stands, the Cafe is in a state of consistently organized chaos. The long, wide windows that usually let in the seemingly overcontrasted light of the loop have maps plastered at various angles, pictures and hastily scrawled notes layered over certain marked points, threads linking one location and event to another. Long mahogany counters have papers and documents stacked on either end, fairly out of the way; though weren't those counters cherrywood a while ago...? The investigation is taking its toll, and most days it's Moriarty central. 

Regardless, I found myself pacing; hair hanging listlessly after another sleepless night, thinking about one thing or another when the door opened, bells chirping cheerfully.

I can tell you with complete and total certainty that Nightscream is a very interesting person, and an even more interesting proxy. We discussed a few matters -knowing both of our stances on our current employment, as well as the demands based upon us, it doesn't take much to imagine the specifics of that tirade -and I followed up on the course of drugs I had suggested following the cult situation; to be honest, without them, yet another brilliant mind would be dead.

I was rather surprised; yes, I did preform a short examination and yes, Nightscream did allow me to do so. While taking someone's pulse may seem to be insignificant to some, the level of trust that is required is more than one would probably imagine. Likewise, I found it surprising that it was willing to allow me to inject a course of antivirals, a booster, and a flesh eating disease anti-tetanus cocktail that I've developed for my squad. I suppose that birds of a feather flock together. Or something ludicrous like that; american sayings and idioms tend to be ridiculous, at least in my view.

Regardless, I sent it with a healthy supply of the first two syringes. It was... shocking, really, to see what the Highers do to those they are not fond of. Now I'm left wondering; was that supposed to be some sort of warning? A threat, perhaps? It doesn't matter what its intent was, since the message was clear.

... I'm hardly one to back down. A shame, but it's true.

(On another note, Nightscream was kind enough to confirm some of my suspicions regarding a rather jarring sequence of current events. It is certainly useful and appreciated to have someone assist with connecting the figurative dots, especially with the gravity of what may be to come.)

And that's pretty much it. I suppose things have been rather quiet lately; not that I'm complaining. We've had a few more reports of Squads going missing, but nobody has found bodies yet. Concerning, but I unfortunately have larger matters to attend to. Can't pay attention to every little kill and death. Work to do, things to see. 

Best of luck, Baker Squad. I'm looking forward to the reports once you're back.

Win or lose, it'll at the very least be entertaining. They tend to put on a good show.


  1. I'd urge you to reconsider neighbour, but then again...
    It's Business, just as you've said.
    And Business is good.

  2. Secrets don't make friends.~