Wednesday, 8 February 2012

II. A lot of blood

It had seeped into the walls of the warehouse. I personally would have burned it, but the highers seemed to want to keep the place intact. Fire used only as a last resort.

So I cleaned it up. Well, most of it. It's still taking some time. Thankfully it's in the middle of the woods. If this was a rush job I would have had to torch it. But for the most part the building is clean.

A hose got rid of the first layer of blood, while heavy mopping and scrubbing took care of the deep set in blood as well as brain and assorted viscera. The whole situation looked pretty violent, based on what was left behind. Too much blood for one person. I'd say at least three, though depending on how injured they were it could be more. If they aren't dead, they are pretty badly injured. A further inspection of the area will be needed.

This was followed by disinfectant and more scrubbing. Another round of hosing down the place. Some more scrubbing. I had to use a great deal of deoderizors on the place. The state of the building sucked in smell quite well. I will probably have to continue with that. The smell of blood is faint, but it's still there. What little furniture there was is gone. The windows are replaced.

The body, or what's left of the body anyway, is buried.

I get the impression that not many people liked him, but I said a few words for him anyway. Marked the latitude and longitude of where I placed him. Just so that someone could remember him. We're gone too quickly in this business and all we get is unmarked graves. It's not fair, really.

While the warehouse would not hold up to any serious investigation at the moment, a casual observer wouldn't notice anything. I don't think it will take me more than two days to get things up to standard. It was a challenging cleanup for certain. But it wasn't the worst I've seen.

Mission progress: adequate.

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  1. Out of curiosity, did you mark the grave?