Sunday, 6 November 2011

the curious incident of the dog in the night-time

I was really tempted to avoid making this spectacle at all.

After all, what good are we, put up on display like this? Misery begets misery, and, really, making something like this is a hopeless waste of time. Of MY time, of course; because my Boss's time is oh so much more valuable as he goes to chase his unwilling suitor's tail or go off forest spelunking.

Do you think I particularly care?

I, known as "Joseph", rank equal to Squad Leader, have started this blog under the order given to me after "Repeated failures to show adequate leadership and motivation.

To elaborate,  has not used any form of disciplinary action for the continually unacceptable behaviours of his Squad, and is decidedly unapologetic for their actions, including but not limited to stealing other squad's marks, not following direct orders, not fulfilling orders in a proper amount of time, not submitting proper reports, and coming into conflicts with other Squads in their district.

 himself has shown to be a lazy, incompetent, and decidedly apathetic Squad Leader while he seems to be squandering much of his potential. As seen in Cases 6789P, 6792P, and 6798P, █ can be incredibly capable in leading a  Squad; as his title denotes, he is a brilliant strategist.

But this does not make up for Cases 6823D-F, in which he allowed his team to set their own storehouse on fire and attracted the attention of the local authorities, 6824H in which one of his Squad members ended up in a Lesbian commune ( later balanced the mark's credit scores and helped them raise more funding. Needless to say, the mark was left alive), nor does it excuse the 6826A fiasco in which  simply returned in the middle of the mission, leaving his Squad in hostile territory, because he had "(sic) lost interest". 

 has therefore been removed from the active case roster. He is to maintain the Cafe Loop and direct his team, not leaving the Loop aside from when he is given permission from his handler. 

Additional consequences are suggested if  continues to refuse to show the skills he most obviously has."

Straight from the mouth of the Bosses themselves; it doesn't get much better than that. So not only are we now in direct competition with another group in our district, I'm also stuck in this damn Cafe in the middle of here and there.

There are better ways to spend my time.

I'm guessing that this is going to be dropped sooner than later; I know that I have no desire nor motivation to post on this thing. They'll forgive me for those incidents eventually.

And until then?

I'll attempt to write as much as possible without actually saying anything.

Seems like an adequate challenge to me.


  1. Wait. Does this mean I don't get any fucking assignments either?

  2. Calm, Nat. This means the opposite; assignments are coming. Granted, you're going to have to compete for quotas but that really isn't my problem.

    ... wait, it is my problem.


  3. This is our competition? Somehow I don't think this will be much of a problem...

  4. Thou art a gangeth of FOOLS if thou considersith thineselves competitations foreth USETH. I SCOFFEITH AT THEE.

  5. You know, "Joseph", for such a smart guy, it sure seems silly to hide your true title with big, obtrusive blocks instead of letters.


  6. Irregular? What is your Purpose?
    Tone suggests familiarity with "Joseph".
    Concealment suggests possibility of familiarity, or recognition on both sides whether immediate or not, or else personal obsession with secrecy.
    This has Importance.

  7. So.. what you were basically saying is that you're going to bullshit around, hide behind bigger words to confuse the small minded, and thumb your nose at pretty much everyone.

    Joseph, gotta say. You're a troll.