Thursday, 17 November 2011

(Mad Laughter)

For every Action, there is an Equal and Opposite Reaction.
-Newton's Third Law of Motion

As it follows, if the Action is Failure, the Reaction is Proportional Discipline. In this regard it should be explained that typing with three fingers on one hand and a damaged cornea is decidedly Unproductive. I am presently not in a state that could be described as Proper Working Order, pursuant to previously mentioned incidents
Likewise if the Action is a sensation of pain, the Reaction is to ignore the pain by finding it humorous, probability suggests that this is the source of the Reaction of Baker Squad, which is to direct strangle looks when I begin laughing.

The chain of Action and Reaction, can easily be followed back to some degree, to the initial Action which led to the Reaction of Failure. Which is to say, being apprehended. Thus it seems appropriate that the most Productive Reaction to this chain is to avoid being apprehended to begin with.
. . . . . . -


  1. Photo, you fucking moron. I'm pretty sure the point is don't go nosing around in the shit the big shots say not to fucking touch.

  2. Sometimes lies are more dependable than the truth.

  3. It only matters if you're caught. Your team's better than that.

    .. I think.