Sunday, 6 November 2011

"Heaven's on fire"

We have to write? Oh, very well.

I am called Fiametta, though most shorten it to Fia. This makes it much less "cute", but I suppose it is not my place to deny nicknames(?). I apologize in advance for any spelling and grammar issues that may crop up in my posts. English is not my first language. I am learning, though.

I will do as I am required, of course. After all, that is how things work, I believe. However much some my shout about it. I admit that I do not quite see the benefit of doing this, especially on my part, but it is not my place to protest.
Will this not hinder my usual mode of working? Ah well. I suppose I could be more direct with things.

I suppose I should say more outright. I am a Hunter, by what I have been told. I believe this to be an accurate descriptor, though I believe the term Honey Trap has also been used. It is far too easy at times to draw a mark away from those who might attempt to spring to their defense.

And I must admit, I rather like the shift in their expression when they realize the truth. I am a bit shy against saying more. Not because of propriety, but because it would make me too obvious. If not for that, I would be quite willing to tell tales.

I do not mind the Cafe. The smell of espresso makes me feel... I suppose the proper way to state it would be "at home". I do not find that to be an accurate phrase for a place of comfort, though. I am almost comfortable here, despite that. There are always interesting people here. I think that may be the best part.

I love people. They're so interesting. So many differences, yet so many similarities. The shift of weight, a gesture, the dilation of a pupil. These things draw me in. An intake of breath, a lick of the lips, the warmth of skin against skin.

It is so interesting to use that which would make me a target elsewhere to my advantage. A short skirt, a ripped blouse, knee-high boots. All weapons for me. People do not look past a pretty face, far too often. They do not realize, until their bones are breaking and their flesh is burning.

I do as I am told, and I take pleasure in it.

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  1. It amazes me that no one has commented on this. You admit to being a Venus fly trap, and..

    *checks the Italian definition of the second tag*

    Did you seriously just ask, "Do I make you horny, baby?" Austin Powers, you are not.