Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Case 3274Y; Report begins.
Observed: two (2) Irregulars, male and female, caucasian, ages roughly 17 and 20 respectively, from here on noted as 3274Y-A and 3274Y-B respectively. 3274Y-B appears to share a mentor-student relation with 3274Y-A, obviously her junior in experience as well as age. Observed 3274Y-A Disciplined for creating Relevant Symbol with spray paint on a wall and other actions deemed Unproductive by 3274Y-B.

Male Irregular, ruddy hair (#A52A2A) and pale skin. Height estimated 170 cm, weight estimated 59 kg. Dark hooded sweater, colour may have been red at one point now appears to be maroon, jeans, black backpack. Clothes significantly worn. Subject caries pocket knife, two inch blade. Not familiar with use.

Noted and Observed: Intermittent tremor in hands possibly stress-induced from stalking, more likely nicotine withdrawal. Nervous tics: Carries religious emblem (crucifix) and clutches during periods of stress. Nervous laughter when under stress. Habitually opens and closes knife blade, or lights cigarette lighter.

3274Y-A has no appreciable skills, minimal knowledge, and no resources of his own. Without the aid of 3274Y-B, it is highly probable that 3274Y-A would have been Collected or Disposed of much sooner.

Estimated length of stalking: Two (2) months, five (5) days.
Estimated time of survival without intervention: One (1) week, two (2) days.
Assessment: No Importance, Observations suggest minimal chance of survival if left to his own devices, no chance of survival if Disposal is ordered.
Female Irregular, brown hair (#954535), tanned skin. Height estimated 157.5 cm, weight estimated 48 kg. Worn, brown leather jacket, torn cuff on right sleeve, heaving scuffing on shoulders and back from sleeping on the ground, t-shirt, grey may have been white, jeans, black bag. Subject carries a firearm, handgun, small calibre (estimate .32 auto), concealed in left-hand pocket. Checks ammunition compulsively.

Noted and Observed: 3274Y-B scrawling intermittently in notebook. Judging by hand movements, 3274Y-B is in advanced state of Re-purposing. Nervous tics present: checking windows and doors several times, obsession with knowledge of exists, repeated checks for presence of firearm, covering head while asleep. 3274Y-B does not sleep more than an hour at a time.

3274Y-B possesses an admirable focus for keeping her firearm in Proper Working Order, Observed: proper cleaning and maintenance of firearm, suggests familiarity with its Functioning.

Observed one (1) blackout in which subject left the company of 3274Y-A for two (2) hours and travelled to the woods and remained stationary. 3274Y-A and 3274Y-B both unaware of this event.

Estimated length of stalking: Six (6) months, one (1) week, three (3) days.
Estimated time remaining: Three (3) weeks, two (2) days, six (6) hours.
Assessment: 3274Y-B is an Individual of Importance. Interference Counter-Productive.
Relevant images included in full report, tagged with map references. No Interference deemed necessary at time of observation.
Recommendation: Separate 3274Y-A and 3274Y-B; application of Pressure to or Disposal of 3274Y-A, preparations underway for Collection of 3274Y-B.
Report Ends; Progressing to next Purpose



  1. Good job! You're a good little Camera Man to have around, I'm sure. *begins slow clap*


  2. You know, all the antagonistic comments get old after a while. So, maybe, I'll take a pause here and legitimately congratulate you. Despite the dry nature of your wording, you most likely DID do a good job. Congrats on that.