Sunday, 6 November 2011

(Shutter Click)


If kept in Proper Working Order, a camera will continue to make that sound when the shutter moves to allow it to create a photograph. Keeping the camera in Proper Working Order is not hard.

I am the Photographer. The Photographer is me.

I am a Tracker. I find Things. People. Runners. Of course, the Difference between the viewfinder of a camera and the scope of a rifle is that one makes a much louder noise than the other when used. And both need to be properly maintained in order to continue to Function as intended.

I blend in. I am told that it is something that I do well.

Everything has a Purpose. That is why things need to be kept in Proper Working Order. If something ceases to Function as intended, it no longer serves its Purpose and needs to be Disposed of.

The human heart for instance has the Purpose of pumping blood through the body in order to sustain Life.
It takes 23 seconds for blood to complete circulation through the body and begin again. It takes less than that for a bullet to penetrate the breastbone and put a hole in the heart, whereupon the Functioning of the heart begins to defeat its Purpose.

I see things. People. Places. Many do not know their Purposes. All through one lens or another.
Perhaps I have seen you.
. . . . . -

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  1. Two brief things to mention here. The first being that you capitalize the oddest things while writing, as if giving them personality and focus when there would not otherwise be any.

    And second, this is the second time in the blog so far there has been an emphasis on the number 23. This time, it is the term "23 Seconds." This is the name of another Slender Man related blog.

    I do not believe in coincidences, Photographer.