Monday, 7 November 2011

The Sword Is Forged

This is where I am meant to begin my crusade. So be it.

I'm Ronin. and of all these morons and fools, I am the only true warrior in His service. It's a sign of humanity's unworthiness that those who flock to Him are these losers. No matter. He has found His true knight. My blade is sharpened and ready to paint the walls with the blood of His enemies.

This place...Cafe, whatever. I will have to do. The decor and lighting infuriates me, but I'd expect nothing more from that pathetic coward of a "leader" we have. I'd slit his throat in an instant if that Man willed it, but as He sees fit to have "Joseph" lead us, I will follow this tracker's lead...for now.

And in case any of my prey thinks I am yet another religious lunatic, think again. The Man is no god. He is greater than a God, because he is a Man, and yet that does not limit His kindness or power. The Man wishes the best for us. That these binding masks of humanity be torn away to reveal the beast within us all. I am honored to be His tool in this endeavor.

I am the Red Knight Of His.


  1. Ronin; Noun; Language of Origin: Japanese
    Definition: A warrior with no master.

    Does not seem appropriate, given your Function.

  2. You use too many words for too simple a concept. "I serve the Slender Man. Everyone is worthless. Slender Man is God. I kill people. I also work for Joseph."

    Much easier, and maybe slightly less annoying to read. Maybe.