Wednesday, 9 November 2011

"Set fire to the third bar"

It is nice to work again. I was sent out yesterday after a young, female mark. I changed from my usual attire and dressed as one who might be her... compatriot? We met at a book store in the city in which she was staying. I gained her trust, through... various methods.

She was very pretty. Ginger hair, deep brown eyes, freckles. She had a cute little smile that she tried to hide within the collar of her hoodie. It was a blue hoodie with some sort of lacy white pattern on on shoulder.

We went to her car and talked for a while. She thought my name was Mimi, and that I was a Runner. She had a bit of a hard time with my accent, but I did not blame her. She was wary, but I tell very good stories. I have learned over the last years that stories and charm can get you far.

I stayed the night with her, in a parking garage. It was certainly not the most comfortable situation, but I have been in worse. We talked. I charmed her. I told her what I was this morning after we left the parking garage, heading out of town.

She nearly drove off of the road. She tried to stab me. I could not let her do that. I broke her wrist and took the knife from her once the car was stopped and she was trying to get away, fighting with the seat belt. I slit her throat. Her blood was warm, red and messy. It stood out against her pretty skin matting in her hair and shirt.

She bled out reasonably quickly. I took her from the car and I gave her a proper ending. Her pyre was beautiful. Her flames were the same color as her hair. Her name was Keely, designated case #4534H.

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  1. "I have learned over the last years that stories and charm can get you far." This is how the best liars, thieves and murderers succeed at their marks.

    I'm from a place with snow and beautiful sunsets.