Tuesday, 31 January 2012

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Report begins: Case 66342-O
66342-O leaves a discernible Pattern in events, which makes him simple to track. Several incidences of spontaneous combustion and a particularly unusual car accident provided a rough location of the target.
From this point the necessary exercise of tracking proved remarkably easy. Where there is smoke, there is fire. 66342-O was sighted in a condominium complex, where it was reported that one of the residents had survived a fall of approximately 30 metres unscathed.
Initial sighting of 66342-O occurred from the ground, at approximately 01:20 on the sixth floor of the building on one of the balconies. Attached photographs should confirm the identity of 66342-O, however the following report is a more thorough proof.  Entrance to the building was remarkably simple to achieve. A group of Ordinaries employed as maintenance staff consume controlled substances by the south-west entrance to the building on a fairly regular basis. A maintenance door here is left unsecured and the alarms and security measures have been compromised as a means to cover these activities.
The maintenance elevator allows access to the sixth floor. From there, it is not difficult to find the balcony. 66342-O is no longer present. There is, however, a convenient and  conspicuously placed grand piano. I suspect some form of Synchronicity may be involved. Following this assumption, I search the grounds below. 66342-O is standing at ground level, apparently unaware of his surroundings. The piano would do. The ledge was sufficiently low that leveraging of the piano over it and onto the ground was not difficult to achieve.
What was unexpected was the the piano detonated violently upon impact. It is Unclear what the Cause of the explosion was, most likely there was some form of explosive located within the frame of the piano or on the person of 66342-O.
Kill Confirmed. The Incident will most likely be explained as a form of malicious vandalism gone wrong.
End Report

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  1. ....the piano DETONATED? Sounds like Morningstar's old shenanigans.