Monday, 2 January 2012

(Auld Lang Syne)

Pursuant to the festivities of the other evening, I am providing the following recounting of the Events, as none of the other members of Baker Squad are inclined, willing or capable of doing so.

Guests begin arriving at the Cafe Loop at approximately 20:00. It is at this point that events began to Fail to go awry. It is this fact which I suspect is the source of the Incident which occurred later that evening.

It should not be surprising to Irregulars that a gathering of this size is not Common. There are many Reasons for this. Some of them were demonstrated during the festivities. 

Though several of the invited parties fail to arrive, the Cafe Loop is quickly filled. Providing a guest list would be both Counter-productive and time-consuming, and the following summary will suffice. The list, upon inspection, appeared to be tailored to produce a Situation which others might describe as "caustic" or "dangerous". Both would be Reasonably Accurate. "Highly Flammable" would be another means of describing the resulting atmosphere within the Cafe Loop.

Though minor disruptions appear throughout the evening, the expected conflagration did not occur. Various parties of Differing Opinions would interact during which the collective reaction of Baker Squad would best be likened to that of the population of a Certain European Country upon hearing an air raid siren sound.

As a result of the continued neutral atmosphere, tension continued to rise, which "Joseph" briefly Failed to Adapt to. As the evening wore on and the Expected Hour passed without notice, the expected conflagration did occur. The Incident, occurring at approximately 00:32:02, began following a discussion between "Joseph" and the Direct Superior of Knight Squad, over attendance of certain individuals.

Noted: The list of Individuals Invited was delivered to "Joseph" by the Direct Superior of Baker Squad, approximately three days prior. Upon examination of the list "Joseph" was observed to [REDACTED]. The list could best be described as Inclusive, to the point at which this becomes Problematic.

This discussion quickly heated to the point at which an altercation began. It is unclear who is responsible for the altercation. Injuries sustained by both "Joseph" and one of the guests. It is at this point that "Joseph" began to alter the Loop superficially. This is normally Not Advised. Following this several of the guests, including Knight Squad, became involved in what is most efficiently described as a "fracas". 

At some point during the Incident Knight Squad's Superior appears to have forcibly removed "Joseph" from the Cafe Loop for a period which is estimated to have lasted four minutes, during which hostilities escalated significantly before intervention by "Joseph". The result of altering a Loop significantly and rapidly seem to have produced backlash.
It is not believed that injuries were sustained by any parties of Importance other than "Joseph".

Resultant repairs to both "Joseph" and the Cafe Loop have necessitated delay in this post. Both are now approaching Proper Working Order.
. . . . . -


  1. Hmm, sounds like it was a blast. I wish I could've gone.

  2. You treat them like cameras, "Proper Working Order" my ass.