Saturday, 14 January 2012

we'll take the case

Apparently we're all being sent after one guy. Omega, I think it is...? Whatever. This one'll be an easy one; hopefully it's added to the Baker team kill count...

Regardless, even if I'm technically not allowed out of the cafe, I can't see there being any issues. It's only one person. How difficult can it be?

Reports to go up soon.


  1. "How difficult can it be?"

    Oh if I had a nickel for every time someone said that and it bit them in the @#!*% .

  2. Hey you, if you're going to have your email listed, you should respond when people contact you by it.

  3. Famous last words, right?
    You think someone whose supposed to be clever would do a little bit of fucking background research, right?

  4. Well, I for one look forward to your reports. Should be most interesting to read on't.

  5. Omega has died.. oh, at least a dozen times. Good luck on being the one to finally take him down.

  6. Omega doesn't stay dead.