Monday, 2 January 2012

whichis it todasy?

since I am rather good with matrters involving the humann bodsy, it would saeem that myr rsathewr greviosu injuriess are not sdo grevious. Likewuse it woulsd seem tgat the painkiller of choicew turned oiut to be,incidentally the righnt choiucem, as it alwsys tends to bbe.

Iin conclusion, the ppoarty coulds be jusgedsd as anjobjexctive success, as nobody is cureentlygt deasd. Howevera, if ones mightds be incliened to argue, it woukld seem that i cameratherds clossae to a bloodsy and burn st soret of ending. Evewsn Writer seemed s concerendfd (whenws he finallytre shokowed up). However, buisinessa shall procceed as usual,m once i figurew outhoww to mak e thhe room stop spinning.

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  1. " why hesllo David whewn diiud you get herfe"

    Considering the comment I just wrote, I am not sure if this second visit is a good thing, or a bad one.